Does Fran Metrics Push data into QuickBooks Online? Is it possible for Fran Metrics to delete any of my QuickBooks Online data?

NO! We only pull reports for our tool! We can build custom tools to push data in QuickBooks Online, but our Fran Metrics tool only reads QuickBooks data!

What methods are available to get data into Fran Metrics?

We currently can get data from QuickBooks Online, CSV Upload and several API integrations. We will assist in getting data uploaded into our system!

Why do I not see all the settings that are in your tutorial video?

If you are a basic user, you will not have access to configuration settings. If you see an issue with your configuration, please contact the admin with your Fran Metric's account.

If you are trying to connect to QuickBooks online you do need to be granted access. Please contact us or your Admin for those permissions.

How far back does Fran Metrics keep reporting?

Fran Metrics will keep reporting data for as long as any unit has been open if it is associated with an active subscription. We do NOT remove any historical data.

I got an email saying my QuickBooks was disconnected. How do I re-connect?

If you are an administrator for the QuickBooks account associated with a Fran Metrics "unit"  that you have access to, you can re-connect it.

I cant seem to log in, what should I do?

We do not have access to user passwords due to the advanced security of our system. 

You can only change your password once every 30 minutes.

After multiple failed login attempts, you will have to wait 30 minutes to reset your password. 

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My reporting does not seem accurate, what can I do?

Under the video section of this site, you will find explainer videos on how to identify and address reporting issues, which will only be able to be perforomed by someone with an administrator account for your company. 

You may also complete a ticket below.

I set up an account but I do not seem to be able to access Fran Metrics. Why?

Fran Metrics user accounts  MUST be associated with a company and an active UNIT within that company. An administrator from your company, or Fran Metrics, with permission from an administrator, can grant you access.

If you feel you have been granted the correct access, please look for an email with instructions on how to log in.

Can I see benchmarked or consolidated KPIs for just certain units?

Yes! We have a quick and easy way to create as many subsets of units that you can run reports for. 

To find out more, please check out this video: HERE

I have multiple companies or units under one QuickBooks Online Subscription. Can I still connect to Fran Metrics?

Yes! You will need a QuickBooks Plus or higher version of QuickBooks and need to implement Class Tracking in order to separate transactions, but it is standard practice.

Here is a video that can help you better understand Class Tracking: VIDEO. Important! We do not use location filtering by unit, only by Class. 

Why do I get an error when I open my reporting?

The most common cause of an error message appearing when trying to view a report is that the opening date is set incorrectly or the report is set to show dates before the unit was open. Please see how to set unit open dates in our video section of this site. If you are not an administrator, you will have to ask one to assist you in changing that setting.

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Why does a unit in Fran Metrics not show on the CSV template?

Most likely the unit reporting is turned off or is past the closing date. You can still upload historical data for the unit by manually  adding the unit number to the CSV sheet.